Social Networking

Social networking is a vital part of every business person’s careers, indeed to the careers of nearly any professional in nearly any field. It can, however, be quite intimidating, especially to those unfamiliar with the process of networking. It’s essential to most professional careers, and I encourage all professionals to at least try to understand the basics of the process.


It is not advisable to completely ignore social media this day in age if you’re in business!

Fortunately, modern technology offers professionals a wide variety of platforms such as conferences and events where the other professionals with similar interests can be found. Oftentimes, they too, with networking in mind. The basic process of in-person networking is uncomplicated. One simply talks to other people in their field or in a related field and tries to see what both parties can do for each other. If you get along with the other person and find that their interests and abilities, as well as their personal connections, are related to yours in ways that can be mutually beneficial for both parties, it is advisable to get that person’s contact information in order to call upon them later, while also giving them your contact information in order so that they can do the same should they need your assistance.

On the other hand, social media networking is a type of social media technology intended to enable this on a wider spread and more convenient platform. The process is roughly the same but conducted through social media means, ranging from forum discussions to instant messaging to email to private messages inside a web site’s internet systems. The interlinking network of favors and assistance remains basically the same and one should not feel anxious about social networking even online. Still, if anxiety does persist, it may be a good idea to seek some sort of professional help as severe anxiety while networking can be a serious hindrance to any professional career or even one’s personal life. Social media is also a great way to find people with similar interests, beliefs, and social media preferences.

The value of networking is essential to the functioning of human civilization and simply can not be done without.